Hello! I'm Jo, James Valentine Overseas Removals or MEDMOVERS as we’re often called.
We're based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire but operate throughout the UK. And this is what we can offer you.

We work closely with only the Best of the Island-Based Removers and Shippers. We carry out the initial survey of your home, compile the inventory sheets, do the costing and prepare your quote. A timetable is agreed upon and your container booked. Then we pack your boxes (or supply for you to self-pack), our skilled operatives (trained to BAR standards) carry the export wrapping of your furniture, and we load your container. The Shipping List is prepared whilst we are loading and the cost of translating this is included in our price. …pause to mop your fevered brows!

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Then you relax, sit in the sun and have a few well-earned drinks. We will be tracking your consignment, keeping you advised if its progress. Before your container is due to arrive you will be guided through the relevant legislation and advised about the documents you will need. On arrival your goods will be eased through Customs and delivered to your new home. Packing materials are disposed of.

My Parents moved from Leeds to Cyprus in the 1970's and that was the first of many moving experiences for me; maybe we can share your ’moving experience’ too !

If you want to ‘quantify’ the amount of goods you are moving, let me know and I’ll Email you an inventory sheet. I look forward to hearing from you.  

Should you be wanting sensibly priced accommodation for visits while your own property is under construction, or when you are waiting for your container to arrive, we will be pleased to advise you on Cypriot owned and operated Hotels, Apartments or Villas. All great places with lovely people and a lifetime of local knowledge.


We maintain weekly contact with Developers and Estate Agents and are kept updated with the progress of on-going construction and new developments or properties as they come on the market.

Whenever possible I will personally be part of the Team for your Move, assisting with packing and liasing with Hauliers and Shippers; at your destination I’ll make sure that you are in capable hands and I’ll be there too if I can to lend a hand unpacking. Help is at the end of the Telephone 24/7 so if you have a problem, don’t let it worry you – 01302 729595.