Frequently Asked Questions

Below to offer some guidance we have listed some mainly 'common sense' questions to consider prior to planning a domestic or commercial move.

Planning will help smooth the task, taking anxiety and stress form a potentially challenging situation. It also allows us, the removal team' to be of best possible help to you.

Things to think about

How can children be best entertained or help?

Babies and young children are best left with willing relatives, friends, babysitters or child minders. They often find the situation unsettling and you will have enough to do without trying to keep the children happy too.

How do we cope with pets when moving property?

Generally speaking pets large and small need to be moved to a safe ‘haven' on the day of the move, and preferably collected and re-united with the family after the family has moved into the new home. The pets can then be introduced to their new ‘home' in a way which will cause them least possible stress.

How soon before we move do we have to disconnect the fridge and freezer?

It's a good idea to run the contents down prior to the move, how soon before will depend on the size of the appliance. Both fridge and freezer should be turned off and cleaned out at least 24 hours before the ‘move' date.

Do we need to do anything special with other kitchen gear and appliances?

The washing machine will need disconnecting and draining. Computers shut down and cabling stored in a way that helps you get it up and running as quickly and easily as possible. Lamp shades are best separated from lamps. Any other electrical appliances need to be kept together with the cables. Again to facilitate easy access. A good idea to keep the kettle handy and accessible.

What should we do about garden machinery?

If you have petrol driven machinery it will need to be drained of fuel before the move.

How soon after we arrange in our new property will we be able to use the kitchen?

This will depend on a whole lot of variables including whether or not the outgoing occupants are leaving a cooker etc. etc. Meals are important on days like this however and moving house is exhausting. Careful planning in this area will make a big difference to everyone involved and when where and what to eat is an important consideration. You would be well advised to plan for the unexpected. A kindly neighbour or relative might help out on this occasion. Alternatively, you could plan to eat out or have a take-away. Don't forget to locate the nearest and check they offer a delivery service.

Will you dismantle the beds?

We will but it saves time to do the job beforehand. Don't forget to know where the bed line is packed so that beds can be made up quickly and easily on arrival. Everyone in the family will be looking forward to a good night's rest after a move.

Parking and Access to the property moving from and moving to

Would you take down self assembly furniture for us?

This doesn't always travel well and is best dismantled before the day of the move and re-assembled after the move. If you are not able to do that yourself remember to organise some help or employ a professional.

Are we able to take our plants in the removal van?

This is possible but it is often better to leave these with friends or relatives and collect later. A bit like children and pets really, and a lot less stressful.

Are we responsible for turning off the Utility services?

You will need to make arrangements with Telephone, Broadband, Gas and Electricity services and arrange for taking over the services at your new property

What happens if our new property has limited road access and difficult parking?

Again, a little forward planning makes a big difference here. Most people will be helpful and co-operative if they know you are moving out or in and will help, given warning, by moving cars etc. The important thing is to let them know when you are moving out or in and ask for their help.

What else do I need to think about?

If you have regular deliveries – eg papers milk etc – don't forget to give the supplier plenty of notice you are cancelling and pay off any debts you owe.

Finally ...............have you thought about changing Direct Debit and Standing Order payments?

Have you organised a Forwarding Address for your 'snail mail'?